The Jumping Flea - a cross-cultural and historic film looks at the ukulele - by Paul Kraus, Independent Filmmaker
The Jumping Flea - a cross-cultural and historic film looks at the ukulele - by Paul Kraus, Independent Filmmaker

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Film Production by Paul Kraus
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'The Jumping Flea'

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The Jumping Flea, a cross-cultural and historic look at the ukulele, features interviews with performers, craftsmen, and songwriters. Filmmaker Paul Kraus, who worked in special effects first in Hollywood and later in Marin County, has lived on the north coast of California since 1979. His first documentary feature, The Shapemakers, received critical acclaim from the press worldwide.

Kraus learned the basics of surfboard shaping and guitar making from his father in the 1960's. In 1999, he renewed his interest in hand-built musical instruments, and concentrated on the ukulele. In the process, he found a complete subculture of musicians, luthiers, and just plain fans. The instrument's most famous player may be Tiny Tim, a fringe character of the 1960's and 80's. But Kraus is quick to note that Beatle George Harrison was a fan and proponent of the small 4-stringed uke, for its portable size and the ability to compose melodies on it.

The Jumping Flea will be available soon on DVD!

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Premiere Showing was held: Saturday, October 29th, 7:30pm
Mann's Pierside 6 Theater, Huntington Beach, California
Northern CA Showing was held: Saturday, November 5th, 7:00pm
The Raven Film Center, Healdsburg, California

Here's what the reviewers have to say about 'The Jumping Flea'

"In "Jumping Flea" the ukulele emerges as a wonderful musical surprise that includes a noble pedigree, backed with skilled craftsmanship, performance and sound potential. But, most of all, "Jumping Flea" is about the fun of making music".
            Joe Mickey, Mendocino Beacon

"We were quite moved at how much the film captured the essence of the ukulele story, You did it!".
            Jumpin™ Jim Beloff, Flea Market Music

"While watching The Jumping Flea, I kept thinking how great it was to see the ukulele makers front and center. I even found myself taking notes during the screening, as I heard things I had never heard before, or caught some new insight. Seeing Grandpa Dias up on the big screen put a big grin on my face...Thank you".
            Jim Tranquada, Great Grandson of Augusto Dias, one of the original ukulele pioneers

"Exploration of everything ukulele".
            John Beck, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

"Thank you for your artful attention to ukuleles, and ultimately, making music".
            Tim Cooley, Professor of Ethnomusicology, Univerity of California, Santa Barbara

"Great job... WOW!
            Tom Morey, Inventor of the Booge Board, musician, surfing legend

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